Be at the cutting edge of automation and turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

AI, Data Science, Big Data and Analytics

We are in the era of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Big Data Analytics. Large volumes of data are being generated voluntarily by humans and passively collected through sensors. This has led to new challenges of how to store, process and analyze this data massive data for better decision making. In addition, the available of data is driving increasing trends towards automation and solving real-life challenges by training machines to learn from data. AI, Data Science and advanced Big Data Analytics has the potential to impact our individual lives; help businesses make better decisions and operate efficiently; and spur innovation and transformation in public sector administration and governance.

At Glomacs, we provide you with the right expertise, strategy and solutions for your Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Big Data Analytics, thereby enabling you to be at the cutting edge of automation and generate valuable insights for your business using modern tools and technologies. Our AI, Data Science, and Big Data Analytics strategies will help you through the entire spectrum of Data and Analytics processes such as initial requirement gathering to data exploration and algorithm/model development/deployment, including adoption measurement, improvement, and optimization.

Our AI, Data Science and Big data analytics solutions and expertize cover the following areas:

  1. Data Science and Analytics
  2. Machine Learning / Statistical Modeling
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Deep Learning with Keras and Tensorflow
  5. Advanced Big Data Analytics using Hadoop tools such as Hive, Pig, etc and Apache Spark
  6. User Modeling and Personalization (Recommender Systems)
  7. Data Governance and Privacy
  8. Data Mining / Business Intelligence
  9. Image Analysis with OpenCV

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