Secure, Contextual, Personal, and Adaptive

Mobile and IoT Solutions

The growing trend towards consumer mobility and connected living heralded by popularity of smartphones and sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT) will impact how we relate with technology and provide unique opportunities for businesses and organizations to stay ahead of competitors by delivering values through the creation of personalized, contextual, and adaptive mobile solutions and services which push information that is relevant to the need of their employees and customers just when they need it. This will dramatically enhance quality of life through connected services. It will also improve business agility and effectiveness through enhanced commerce, customer service, and communication with employees and consumers.

At Glomacs, we provide the right mobile and IoT technologies and solutions to meet the challenges of connected living, workforce mobility and changing mobile user expectations of an always-on experience. Our expertise and solutions in Mobile and IoT technologies include:

  1. Location-based services delivery e.g. mobile workforce support, emergency response, navigation assistance, target advertising, etc
  2. Mobile and Context-aware Recommendation - e.g. people (collaboration, social network), product (hotel, book, movie, music), places (POI) recommendations based on user mobile context
  3. User and Context Modeling - e.g. User profiling/preferences, environment, location, social, motion, activity, and situational modelling
  4. Adaptive Systems Design e.g adapting app content, interface, link, suggestion, aesthetic etc to the evolving users context and need
  5. Personalized Search and Information Retrieval - e.g. Q&A system for customer support
  6. Sensor-based actionable intelligence for preventive care and medicine, lifestyle persuasion, elderly care, public service delivery and decision support systems.
  7. Smart-x applications including smart-health, smart-city, smart-home, smart-transportation, etc